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a build for Saryn Prime



so to all Saryn Prime user, is there a build you could share with me on how to build her? the classic, i want to nuke the map, that's why i'm leveling her. but i know a few weeks ago she received a tiny change on her miasma or her spore, i don't remember. anyway, which builds could you show me that is the most up to date and efficient? for exemple for ESO, or any other missions.

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Standard build would be something like

Steel fiber


Transient Fortitude


Rage/Hunter's Adrenaline

Regenerative Molt

Last two would be tailored to suit your desire for more range, power strength, or efficiency.

Aura is whatever you feel like, generally something like Growing Power, Corrosive Projection, or Energy Siphon tho.

Exilus mod generally power drift, cunning drift, or sometimes even coaction drift.

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34 minutes ago, mikakor said:

tiny change on her miasma or her spore

Not so tiny actually, I have a build with mods like blind rage that I used to nuke Hydron with to do riven challenges and such, but after the nerf it's nearly impossible to do that challenge with her anymore without spamming the hell out of her 4.

But for builds I'd recommend max range with a little power strength and duration, and add regenerative molt to the mix, it's really good

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