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The New Warframes Design


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It's something that's been bugging me, I think around Limbo, maybe Inoaros, but are warframes becoming more and more complex looking? 

I understand warframe has more money to really pump more design and complexity into its frames. But I can't be the only guy that loves some of the simplicity of some of the older frames like Excal / Nyx, Mag, Volt, Loki, even designs like Chroma worked quite well because it had a pleasing theming and aesthetic.

I never really liked Zephr because of how complex they were, but with Garuda coming out being this detailed beast of a machine, along with how detailed our previous warfarme was. Is this going to be a continued trend from now on?

And its not just from a design perspective, I think you shoot yourselves in the foot sometimes because for people that play warframe to look pretty, I honestly think some of the newer warframes designs almost look like they could of been a prime variant already. 

I honestly think you can do way more with a simple design having interesting shapes, than a design that looks overly designed. Banshee is a great example of simplicity that looks beautiful. For me it defines them way more if they're simple and interestingly shaped / silouetted than overly almost bionicle looking. 

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Op the word you're looking for busy not complex, but yes i was not into OG zephyr for the same reason. However aesthetically I think Garuda is more in line with the OG aesthetic and I really like her design. Though to be honest my favorite designs are Vauban Prime, Nyx Prime, Mirage Prime, Nezha Deluxe and Chroma Deluxe... so maybe we have a different taste in warframes

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