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Warframe Controller Aiming issues, and Requests for Improvements


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Hello everyone. There are a couple of issues with Warframe's controller aiming I'd like to address. These issues are obviously more important for console players, but getting some improvements would also be nice for the few gamepad players on PC.

I've made a video showing all the issues, but I'll also be writing everything down here as well.


Warframe deadzone: https://imgur.com/mGzgSOW

                  dotgraph:  https://imgur.com/7KongeW

Deadzone shape and size

The graphs should show these issues well. The deadzone is a 20% square. The square is the bigger issue of the two, as it makes the deadzone irregular, and restricts large portions of the stick from creating diagonal movement. There was a post a month or so ago illustrating "square" movement when making circular movement, and these regions of only cardinal movement are the cause of it. This range is exacerbated by the size since that controls the size of these regions. Switching this to a circle would fix the irregular deadzone and remove these cardinal regions.

20% is not an uncommon deadzone size in games, but it is large. It's a large distance to move the stick which makes precise adjustments more difficult(especially with back and forth movements) and it makes aiming feel less responsive overall. Smaller deadzones would make aiming feel more responsive and make it easier to be accurate. An option for the size would be a good way to address this.

X/Y sensitivity

The X and Y sensitivities are notably different, with the Y axis being the slower of the two. This is common in console titles/controller but can create some issues. The first is that it can just feel unintuitive. You might like turning around at a specific speed, but vertical movements can feel sluggish in comparison which is more obnoxious in a game like this with more vertical elements than the norm. This of course is subjective, and many may like the difference in axis sensitivity. The far bigger issue uneven sensitivities cause is that it affects the diagonal movement. Angles are bias towards the more sensitive axis, so in this case any angle you point the stick in will result in a lower angle coming out(pointing the stick at a 45' angle might result in the cursor moving at a 35' angle). The angles should be correct when the X/Y sensitivities are even. Separate X/Y sensitivity options would be nice to cater to either preference.

Aim smoothing

PC players should recognize this, but console players are probably very familiar as well. While it's functionally different for controllers, it ends up having the same effect as mouse smoothing. Aim smoothing causes your turn rate to build up over time, which can make aiming feel less predictable and more sluggish. Warframe uses smaller amounts of it than many other titles, but it would be nice to see an option to remove it so the cursor can move at the speed you select immediately.

Acceleration Curve

This isn't exactly an issue, but something subjective. The acceleration curve is the function that controls how the turn rate increases with stick magnitude. The current curve is very steep, meaning that it starts out very slow and ramps up quickly near the end.

Again, not an issue and many may like it as is, but customization over this would give tons of control to the player. Some players may prefer a lower exponential or somewhat more linear curve to use. Other games have offered customization of the degree of a power function to the player.


The requested improvements are:

  • Change square deadzone to a circular one
  • Deadzone option
  • Separate X/Y options
  • Aim smoothing option
  • Acceleration Curve option

Graph of Deadzone and Acceleration options with circular deadzone: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/mouwldk7tg

Four options is a lot to ask for, but it covers everything. An aim smoothing option wouldn't need to be an option if the mechanic was removed and neither would separate X/Y sensitivities if they were equal by default. Having them just allows players to keep the current settings or edit them to find their own preference. These changes would make aiming feel drastically better. Hopefully we can see these added in one of the future updates.

Thanks for reading.

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