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Collective Clan Codex- Clan Library


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So, im gonna introduce two topics as ideas for new clan dojo rooms. One of which is the clan library.

The clan library is essentially, a place where clan members can input a full copied replica of a FULL codex scan into a collective library. Members of said clan, can also replicate these scans for their own personal codex, at a large cost of credits. Replicate an item codex (kurias dont con't): 500,000 cr. Replicate an enemy codex: 1,000,000 cr. Replicate a cephalon fragment: 2,000,000 cr. And of course, buy codex scanners.

The other one is a clan firing range of sorts. Its mostly to test out your builds on targets of ranging levels and factions, and try out guns you don't own, but are curious about before you buy and build them. you can only test weapons you either own, the ones can have access to already via mastery, or ones that are within 1 rank above your current mastery. Any weapons you don't own CANNOT be taken out of the firing range. The only thing you can purchase at the firing range is mk-1 weapons and normal bratons. No testing for prime weapons unless already owned.

Let me know what you think. clem clem, grakata.

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