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Fortuna: Update 24.0

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the example for the operator suite meshing they gave is my exact operator clothing, other than the addition of an open kopra hood, howaever it seems like something is missing from my operator now, around the neck i belive there used to be more going on, howver now there is not, i have no idea why but it looks rather strange

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So apparently I was a tad more excited to see this drop than I expected and have been waiting to get home all day to let it update, but I'm expecting quite a few bugs, so I'm glad to see you actually made your Thursday release plan.

Now onto what I'm looking forward to the most, I really can't wait to get my hands on a Murderizer, but after looking at the Pax Arcanes and deciding I'm definitely using Pax Charge, I'm really curious as to how different loaders will effect it. Will faster reload speeds make the battery charge faster, or will it be a constant rate, meaning a larger magazine is the better choice? I may end up making a few just to test this out.

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Il y a 4 heures, [DE]Megan a dit :

Fixed Kubrow Fur Patterns appearing as low quality textures. 

Unfortunately this isn’t totally fixed, better but the texture patches are still evident,I can’t wait for the day Kubrows will have true fur and not just a texture trying to look like it.

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1 hour ago, joncro said:

Okay! so this very nice very new BRAVO!!!😁

BUT... where the 🤬FUQ! is my long sword katana?😡

Hmm?!! anyone without an need to defensively kiss an a$$ care to explain?😠


Heavy Katana is going to be an entirely new weapon type. They're not going to release it before Melee 3.0 because they would have to create two sets of animations, for both the current system and the new one.

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