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Fortuna: Update 24.0

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Please consider allowing us to combine mining tools from POE and Vallis into ONE mining tool. There just aren't enough hotkeys for the gear wheel for spears and mining equipment for both POE and Vallis and other stuff. I hotkey the stuff I swap back and forth often,  and that includes a mining tool and Spear on POE. Now that's out the window.

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2 minutes ago, TerrahFyrefly said:

no clue..but its doing it for me and much faster

Not that i don't believe you ... but i.. yeah i don't believe you :3

WF updates never download through steam servers only via launcher.

Was the same with Plains update too.

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Ok I jumped up to 4mb after restarting the update, but only momentarily. Now I'm back to 600kb/s. I guess as more people complete their downloads you'll move up in in terms of bandwith priority, but it still fluctuates. I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer.

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30kbps EU squad! Will check in with some feedback next week when this downloads!
All jokes aside, thanks for your hard work! This sounds like another release that's gonna double the player base. I hope you're giving yourself a big old pat on the back because we're all here for what you did and continue doing! Congrats on another release!

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thany you soooo much DE for your hard work.

And thank you STEVE for your Stream, keeping us updated what was going was very interesting and helping to bridge the waiting time

for the update.

I hopey DE Team can take a good rest to reload batteries.

Hugs and Love

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