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Fortuna: Update 24.0

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It looks like download continues from dropped file right after crash bc after 4 attempts size decreased exponentally. I had range of speed from 29kb/s to 80mb/s and now optimizing cache so let's see if I'll be able to login.

Anyway, I awaited for this update with all eagerness and I don't care if it will require more wait. In the end I get satisfied.

Congrats DE and fellow Tenno with highly anticipated launch!

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1 hour ago, PeaceKeeper123 said:

Can the "Bloodshed Sigil" be purchased by itself or in a some "vanity items bundle?" I guess there's only the Suparna Syandana to bundle it with. It's in the bundles with the frame and weapons and I like farming those and only buying vanity items with plat.

They mentioned it will be avaiable later as an event reward

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Download takes ages, keeps wrecking itself, "will restart shortly" and freezes there perm, download stops and reattempts just for stopping again, download speed is below 500kb/s (owning a 150mbit/s connection ... cmon DE). and still no Fortune update on my rig.

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