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Trade System Suggestion


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So i've been playing Warframe for a good while now and after grinding in missions for parts and mods and after spending countless hours in Maroos bazaar trying to sell items, i thought about the concept of an Auction House that would both be fairly easy to do and also give players the extra time to keep grinding for more whilst making platinum from trade. The Auction House would be set in Maroos Bazaar solely to keep the relay the only trading post and to keep players together in a place that promotes a mingling and friendly environment. It would work "basically" just like a regular trade but with a "third party" to keep the offer standing. Maybe having the same kind of credit cost (depending on item rarity) to post the item in the AH, and once someone has made a purchase on your item then the AH would send the item via inbox and same with the platinum to you. 

I just think this would compensate for the time spent with your hand in the air waiting for a nibble.

If you think this would be a cool addition to the game, please let me know it would be really awesome to see a suggestion of mine worked into one of my favorite game.

Thank you for all your amazing work that made Warframe into what it is today, keep it up.    :)

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