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Fortuna: EU Region Download Issues


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Hi all!

FORTUNA IS HERE - ah! If you are in the EU region, one of our Infrastructure partners is dealing with a server issue and are resolving it as quickly as possible. If you have slow download speeds, we are working to resolve as quickly as possible!

Cheers - it won't be long now!


We are seeing improvements, but if you are having launcher issues contact support.warframe.com with your LOGS

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Just now, TotallyNotGanosLal said:

The slow download speed is not a problem.
But the Update keeps crashing, so 1st i can't let the update run over night, 2nd i fear the files could get corrupted... 😞

Restarting it should be safe, at least I didn't lose any progress by doing it.

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Yo , Finally Fortuna Coming ! 😛 and EU download server was good now ! 🙂 my download are really better in few minutes i can try this fortuna release before sleeping , dreaming , tomorrow working THEN coming back for PLAYING ! =D

Cheers DE , Cheers my EU friends game downloading and keep smiling ! 😛

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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