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Riven's existing stat's changed?


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Edit: I got over it. /edit
I knew that changing the disposition was going to affect a lot of our favorite weapon rivens, But i was under the impression that existing rolls/stats on rivens wouldn't change. But would only change when we rerolled them.
I asked in region chat, and everyone else was under the same impression. That existing riven stats wouldn't be affected, only new rivens or re-rolled rivens. IE if you haven't rerolled your riven in months, the stats would remain the same.
But a lot of my rivens took a huge nerf. As well as many other user's rivens. Maybe i'm mistaken, but was it not mentioned on a devstream that existing rivens were keeping their current pre-revamp stats?

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They never mentioned anything about that iirc, nothing in the workshop too 

I don't see why they should though, if anything, changing dispositions just so 'top tier' rivens stay the same will do nothing. and we're not looking at this right, the main point is weaker weapons here, not the strong/popular ones 

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22 hours ago, GinKenshin said:

Well, no point discussing with a mindset like that. Enjoy your top tier rivens 

Thank you, but I got over it already. Any time there's a nerf, people are going to complain. I needed to complain and vent and now that i have, i'm over it. 5 stages of grief kind of thing.
I'll admit when i'm wrong, and you are right GinKenshin, i was wrong.  You're right that keeping top tier rivens the same while new rivens were nerfed, would have been bad for the market, as those top tier rivens would increase in price, by like.. 5x at least.
And my 5 stages of grief... 

  • Denial.. other people including myself were under the impression current riven stats would stay the same. I genuinely thought the nerf to current rivens was a bug.
  • Anger, i was upset that my favorite weapons got nerfed. But who wouldn't be, they're our favorites for a reason. And you're right, "trash weapons" aren't really trash weapons with the right riven. my Life Leech Furis is amazing with it's riven.
  • Bargaining.. This thread.
  • Depression.. after the anger, i just got really bummed out. Those were my babies. Big nerfs usually make me quit games. But i guess this wasn't that bad.
  • And lastly.. Acceptance. I got over it. Nothing i say is going to change it. I just needed to vent. Just means i need to re-roll for better stats, or change how i play.

I do wish some more rivens got buffed though, it seems that primary weapons were primarily nerfs. Stuff like the baza and acrid should have gotten a buff. Those are weapons i want to love, i really want to, but i just can't. Acrid needs to be silent too. it's a dart gun. It shoots needles. The zakti and Acrid should both be silent, but that's another topic.
The miter and panthera should have gotten buffed, not nerfed, those are terrible weapons, very niche, but a good riven could make them acceptable.
I've made my 4th miter, after using 1 for the panthera and selling 2 more after i get frustrated with them. And i'm trying to give the miter a genuine try, i want to like it. it's so weird. But.. i just can't. It's a charge weapon, it should be semi-auto with spool up, so the faster you shoot, the faster the blades come out. And it should have a tad more crit.

So there you go. I'm really sorry GinKenshin, i was being a jerk.

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