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[Bug] Switching loadouts from navigation does not switch last chosen focus school


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If you change what your primary focus school is for any loadout, if you then change your loadout at navigation instead of the arsenal, then the last chosen focus school will be used instead of the focus school that is part of the chosen loadout.


For example: 

  • Loadout A is using Naramon
  • Loadout B is using Zenurik
  • Loadout B is not the active loadout
  • You go to the focus menu for Loadout A and change the focus school to Madurai
  • You then go to navigation and change to Loadout B from the navigation console and start a mission
  • In the mission you will be using Madurai focus instead of Zenurik despite having Loadout B active

If you go to the arsenal after the mission and check what focus school is set for Loadout B, the correct focus school (Zenurik in this case) is still equiped, despite just having used a different focus in the previous mission.

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