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Another look at the Opticor


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I've posted here multiple times, and before I get started, I would like to take a moment to thank DE for listening and buffing the Opticor several months ago, and for listening to my ancient idea for a gram prime. (I probably wasn't the first, but I'm certain I'm pretty close.)

However! It is going to need another look. The weapon is great at what it currently accomplishes, dealing massive damage to a single target. However, the punch-through needs another buff in my opinion. It barely shoots through one grineer lancer, and sometimes doesn't depending on the angle. Sure I COULD use a mod in order to compensate, but let's be realistic about us endgame players. We would much rather use our mods for something more practical to deal with higher level content and further guaranteeing quick kills as opposed to having some quality of life. 

Speaking of which, I believe making the opticor have good status was a bad idea. The weapon fires far too slowly to make any real use of it. I do like the concept of making it a crit weapon, but it is INSANELY unreliable at 50% for how slowly it fires. Unless of course you have massive damage and multishot to compensate, in which case, why mod for crits without a riven?

The weapon is Mastery Locked until MR14. I believe it deserves yet another buff. A prime (get it?) example as to why, is the Gram Prime. I know you intend to look at its riven disposition, but even that isn't the problem here. Its raw stats alone are amazing, not even requiring a riven to literally shatter endgame content. Yet the opticor seems to still fall short, despite being unlocked at the exact same level. 

I believe there are several means by which to remedy this.

1.) Buff its base crit chance to 40% (Point Strike takes it to 100%) 
2.) Buff its raw damage a good bit, and add an innate 10% multishot (or higher) chance.
3.) Buff its punch-through and AOE significantly. (For AOE, obviously damage and range. Maybe even change the type of damage to heat, electric, blast, or radiation. And since we're on it, perhaps even further beam thickness.)

Obviously I shouldn't expect all of these to occur at once, because at that point it would create an actual meta within this game, where meta hardly exists. However, I have a counter argument. If you want to do all "three" of these, then by all means, make the weapon slow again, maybe even moreso than before. Also maybe edit the sound it makes to be more impactful.

This should be a top-tier weapon, yet I hardly see it used, and I rarely see a use for it myself, despite the fact that aesthetically I LOVE the thing. I even have a good riven for it. (which you nerfed for no particular reason. Yes I am salty about that.)

In summation, it's clearly meant to be an endgame weapon, and I implore that it get proper treatment. I apologize if my posts seem a little redundant at times.

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I use Opticor as a pure damage weapon, my build dealing 18k damage with 0.7 fire rate without a riven (and i do have a riven that fits perfectly into my build).  It performs pretty well for me, but it would be nice to see it get more love.

Synoid Opticor, anyone?

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