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Sniper Scope Greatly Increases GPU Load


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CPU - i7-6800k @ 4.25Ghz
GPU - GTX 1080 @ 2Ghz
RAM - 32GB @ 3Ghz|
Monitor - 1440p@144Hz G-sync 

Test Area: Right where you are dropped into Orb Vallis at Fortuna gate but happens everywhere on Orb Vallis
Look around with the mouse 105-110 FPS 97% GPU usage so GPU bottleneck.... a Warframe first...
Scope in on Vectis Prime to 3.5x and 56-132 FPS 97-99% GPU usage so again GPU Bottleneck.
Scope in to full 6x and I got down to 48-141 FPS (141 is my fps I set). So more zoom higher the GPU load can be depending on where you are looking.

With a 144hz monitor and it constantly jumping from such a high to a low fps is very jarring.

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