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Yearly plea to finally fix Drakgoon punchthrough


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For almost 3 years now the Drakgoon's punchthrough has been bugged in a weird way. In the simulacrum it goes through enemies just fine, but during starchart missions it can only go through walls and obstacles, not enemies. The punchthrough is this weapon's main gimmick and draw and it's been ignored for years despite many reports.


Here's to another year of busted Drakgoon.


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I myself love Drakgoon. If I didn't have a Strun Wraith and a riven for it, Drakgoon would be my primary. 

Testing it a bit, I notice 3 things

1. Punch through really only works when you charge it up. If you plan on spamming flak barrages, you'll need a PT mod

2. All flak tends to ricochet once off of the first object it hits, and then it continues regardless of anything in its path (since the pellets have a lifetime of less than 2 seconds, that's not surprising)

And 3. Punch through seems to work (hit or miss, haven't done enough testing) if you make it ricochet BEFORE hitting either a single enemy or a crowd. Shooting straight at them makes my pellets go everywhere, but I have a feeling that Drakgoon has a one ricochet limit. Try shooting it halfway between you and the enemy (low travel speed creates a heavy arch, allowing for a nice trebuchet style barrage)

Hope this helps!

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