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Fortuna Bounties (Credit Farm stuck at 750/1000)


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Looting credits would be fine, they drop plenty, _if_ the credits actually counted towards the counter. Happened to me on 5 of 5 runs I tried, always got stuck randomly and from then on no further credits picked up counted towards the counter.

Pretty frustrating having to cancel the mission and go to Eudico, trying to think which of the available bounties won't include this bugged stage so we can actually complete a bounty for once.

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Same here, Credits locked at 261/1000 even though I had 4 "Wanted Level" and killed hundreds of enemies and likely collected thousands upon thousands of credits before the timer expired.

Very first Bounty taken from Fortuna. Poor first impressions of the update so far.

Credits from dropped enemies or crates simply didnt count towards the required total. Something is borked.

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