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Ostron standing when talking with EUDICO [Fixed]


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When the player reaches Eudico after the VOX SOLARIS quest , and selects eudico ,he will see the Ostron standing instead of Solaris Standing  


And pressing on the Ostron Standing exists the npc showing nothing , please fix these small bugs 

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23 minutes ago, [DE]Danielle said:

If you guys are able to grab your logs and send them to me in an inbox message on the forums that'd be great! Here's how to grab logs: 

i have the logs, but how do i attach them to a message to send?

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In Fortuna (obv. I know) when speaking to eduico instead of displaying the solaris united standing it shows ostron standing. When clicked it closes the interaction, this happened after i returned from my first bounty in the open world

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Why is it "Ostron Standing" on Fortuna?
I mean the new faction is called "Solaris United"

this needs a quick fix... cant upgrade my standing.

Edit 1/2: So it updated to the proper standing once i came from Orbiter down to Fortuna.
Edit 2/2: Once a MISSION is completed and you extract from the Topworld down to Fortuna the Faction "Solaris United" shows again as Ostron.
- This need to be fixed since its an loading-return issue.


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Added the information i first forgot to add.
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