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Ayatan Amber Star Blueprint requirements are plain silly. Please reconsider


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So, I'm one of those unlucky people who only get, on average, 1 ayatan amber star per day (if that), so I was really looking forward to this update, since I heard it will include an ayatan amber star blueprint.

I just got the blueprint, and I gotta say, I've not felt such disappointment since... I dunno, Lunaro?

First of all, why exactly does it take 1 hour of cooking time? I thought this was supposed to be a fix to those of us who are unlucky enough to get 1 amber star a day, but... this is really no fix. This is basically the exact same thing, if you don't have much time to play and luck in that period of playtime. It's just "here's that 1 amber star a day you keep getting in blueprint form,"

I mean, I guess it's nice to get 2 amber stars a day... but that requires even more luck, cause it also requires 2 Vitus Essence to craft (alongside 2 cyan stars, but I'm a bit more lucky with those... not much though). Like, you're a busy man, you have 1 hour to play Warframe, you decide you want to get an amber star... well, tough luck mate, cause the Arbitration for the hour is a Defense mission. Like, I'll be honest, I'd prefer it required Nitain Extract, considering how biased towards the worst game mode the Arbitrations are.

Also, seriously, why are Amber Stars so valuable all of a sudden? It's not like the economy is relying on them to drop at a 1 per day rate, why not just make them drop like hot cakes, like when they were first released? Their existence is only a nuisance and benefits no one to not have them.

So, please, DE, be a kind soul and at least reconsider the Vitus Essence. That's a silly requirement, not to mention a seriously unnecessary gate keep.

Thank you for your time!

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neural sensor, orokin cell and neurode reusable bp also have ridiculously high requirement.

DE simply don't want you to use it. For some reason, transferring between resources are something that DE afraid, they want it to exist, but absolutely not want player to use it. 

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19 hours ago, Gabbynaru said:

Thank you for your time!

I run syndicate missions everyday and get a lot of stars. I take Loki with thief and loot detector on sentinel and a rapid fire weapon, mostly to get the medallions by breaking every last market on the map.

Stealth and run amok with trigger held. Lockers are optional.  Stars are very common and missions take 5-10 min.

syndicates missions per se aren’t needed but I’m killing two birds with one stone. That and commiting faction genocide at a phenomenal rate.

just call me the Butcher of Blaviken

aldo containers in arbitration seem to drop stars in abundance.

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