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So first of all: The K-Drive is SO FUN! I literally was so excited that I charged up the jump power and hit my head on a sign right after jumping that I didn't see. Also it feels smooth.

One thing I noticed while trying to get a feel to the controls: I have the option enabled which makes the character hold the crouching position if you press crouch button just once. That is very useful in many situations, like void mode for example. With K-Drive however, you can easily leave it on by mistake and I was also wondering why am I doing 360 degree rolls when pressing jump button or in some direction. I had the crouch toggled on.

So, as a solution I would suggest to add an option to simply make the K-Drive crouch toggle separate from the normal one, making the tricks easier to do, and so you don't have worry about losing your normal setting which you are used to. :satisfied:

Thank youuuu! We all stunt together.

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3 hours ago, Tubsie said:

So, as a solution I would suggest to add an option to simply make the K-Drive crouch toggle separate from the normal one

well, we already have two keys for crouch - one toggled and one hold-to-crouch. because even without the hoverboard™, both have their use in the game (at least for me ^^)

btw, the "stunt" that happens when you do those 360° rolls are named copter (no ™ here for DE pun'ed themself here ^^)

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this is my biggest gripe as well.

for me its how it does not match up with how bullet jumping works. toggle crouch un toggles after you do a bullet jump making it super smooth to hit it once every combo.

imo it would feel a LOT better if after a charged jump (maybe even any trick), it just un-crouched. not sure if there's a codding reason it is the way it is right now, the randomly getting stuck spinning in the ground seems like more of a bug than anything ells. imo i would have grind be a handbrake rather then randomly spinning on non grind stuff, but i would also like some moment changes.

so far K-drive feels pretty good but also feels weird, like how you have more air control as a warframe then a warframe on a jet powered hoverboard.

also how you hit max momentum pretty fast but its capped kinda low, would love to see across the board in warframes speed mods be acceleration rate mods and have a more solf max momentum cap based on friction/air resistance.i would like to see a volt running in a straight line and a loki start stat the same speed but volt just gets faster and faster because he has a higher momentum modifier during speed, both should walk around a corner the same when there walking, but volt has a softer rubber band on his speed cap type of thing. same thing for K-Drive, going down hill should be hella fast, i want momentum to feel consistent for everything, things like getting on the bord being a dead stop or bullet jumping in volt speed slowing you down from your high speed feels ass.

bullet jumping in to archwing feels really nice now, over what it was before, smooth transition in animation is what makes WF so fire to me. just needs a bit more "butter" jeff to stop the weird jarring feeling

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