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Suggestions about in-game afk issues


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The afk situation in the game is very frequent, but every time you go to the official website to report screenshots, it is not only very troublesome, but also for the game customer service review will increase some workload. Here I have a few ideas. 1 Add kicking teammates: If a player finds afk in the team, you can kick out the teammate's vote by any player. If all three teammates agree to kick out, then the afk player. Kick out the team, and if the player is voted out multiple times, the player will be limited to a certain time to set up a team 2 in the game report, set an afk option, but prevent some players from malicious reporting, set Fixed, if two players in the same team report a player at the same time, the report content will be submitted to the game customer service, and the output of each player of the task can be submitted together for the game customer service to check whether there is afk.

游戏内afk情况十分频繁,但是每一次都要到官网举报截图,不仅十分麻烦,对于游戏客服审核也会提升一些工作量。在此我有几个想法 1增加踢出队友功能:如果一个在队伍发现afk玩家,可以由任意一名玩家踢出踢出队友的投票,如果三名队友全都同意踢出,则将该afk玩家踢出这个队伍,并且如果该玩家多次被投票踢出,将在一定时间之内限定该玩家进行组队 2在游戏内的举报中,设置一个afk选项,但是,防止部分玩家恶意举报,设定成,同一个队伍中有两名玩家以上同时举报一个玩家,才会将举报内容提交到游戏客服,并且能一并提交该任务各个玩家输出情况,供游戏客服审查是否存在afk情况。

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