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Weird streched meshes in orb vallis?(Solution Found)


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So  i have an odd occurence going on: when entering orb vallis and walking aroud, i keep getting stretched meshes on the screen, i'll admit my computer is not a powerful rig by any means, however i find it odd that i never had  this kind of thing happen on the plains which despite being  a bit hard for my integrated graphics to handle, never gave me something like in the pictures below:   ANY8QlW.jpg   nxcRYYV.jpgyxcqq7x.jpg yuH25MJ.jpg    



So here i am posting this to know: is anyone else having this problem? PS: i have tried messing with geometry detail, setting it to low does reduce it a bit, but it still happens, and this is the only place in the entire game that i ever saw this happening, i went into the plains and other missions to see if this was going to happen as well, but no, only on vallis.

Edit: just went inside a corpus facility, no meshes there, so whatever is causing this is specifically on the open area of vallis

Edit2: Fix found: activated directx 10 and this stopped happening, thanks YarukiJyugo  for pointing it out


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The bug is fixed with directX somehow but when I play with directX I get game freezes after a few minutes of playing which is why I had it turned off to begin with. Would be nice to either have one or the other fixed so I can actually play properly. 

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