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DirectX device creation failed


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When Fortuna launched, I suffered fps losses, so I decided updating my Nvidia driver, in hope of a fix. What I got in return however is, that I cannot launch the game anymore. All I'm getting is 'DirectX device creation failed.'
Apparently, the game is launching with the integrated IntelHD, which should not be the case, however, as I have configured over the control panel of Nvidia, that the Nvidia processor is to be used for Warframe. My drivers are supposed to be up to date. I doubt, that my GeForce GTX 1050 should be unable to handle the game.

Searching for the error over the search function, i stumble across one post within the forum, having had the problem a few months ago. Without an answer. So, if there is a fix, i failed to find, please redirect. Otherwise help! I am missing Fortuna! :cTa5o8s7.png

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