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K-Drives - General Feedback


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Tried em... they are super fun! Well made! But would like to see some further development for them. Here what do I think so far:


- Second jumps could give us something, some air time something to keep us in air. It is weird to have second jump that just makes you spin. I know it is for tricks but would give it to give us some air time?

- I find it hard to Hold Grind button and Jump button for bigger jump. Can we make grind Toggle? This would help a lot. At least give it as I option in controls like Sprint toggle or hold ^_^

- I feel like we get a bit too much air control? K-drives turns really really fast. Can we make it less sensitive? Maybe it is just me. But saying what I have on my mind.

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20 hours ago, kingvaldemir said:

I'm thinking the same thing. I see no disadvantage and I can fly just fine. Was that idea scrapped or am I missing something?

Hopefully. The idea of having players trying to use relatively slow K-Drives to get around the Fortuna open world is aggravating to even think about.

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