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K-Drive - Broken Look/Aim Sensitivity Settings


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As title, after riding a K-Drive for a few moments (doing tricks and such), hopping off seems to cause the game to ignore the players look/aim sensitivity settings from the options and go to what I assume is the defaults. This occurs for mouse and controller aiming, changing the options while this is in effect will not restore the players original settings, you have to return to non-combat area to return them to normal.

*edit* It seems the issue might be with transferring between mouse/keyboard and controller input, as it appears to be happening outside of the context above. It still seems to happen very regularly with the K-Drive however.

*edit 2* Changing look settings in the options suddenly just fixed it for me after having it happen, then jumping on the K-Drive broke it... and jumping back onto the K-Drive fixed it again. I have no slagging idea now.

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Happening to me as well. Very annoying.

Only happens with the Warframe which interacts with the K-Drive. Going back to K-Drive, switching to Operator, Archwing has the normal Sensitivity until you are aiming as the Warframe again.


Definitely the K-Drive is causing this.

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Happens to me and my girlfriend as well! 
Can also mention that is allways been a problem that the arch wing goes to 10x sensitivity some times and it follows to the warframe. go back to arch wing and then back to warframe fixes it as well.

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