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Booted out of Warframe when Entering Elevator for Bounty


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Hoping this is a one time deal, but as soon I stepped foot into the elevator after accepting a bounty, my monitor flashed as if I had restarted it and I was booted to my desktop.

I checked the Windows Update (Win 10 Pro) to make sure that it wasn't caused by an update in the background. Nothing was going on and the last time it was checked was yesterday.

Interestingly enough the game was still going on, and it had not crashed like I thought it did.

However, I was unable to actually pull up the game screen; although I was able to move around, cast powers, attack and engage in combat that I couldn't see.


Hopefully vague enough to avoid any real spoilers:

The primary quest line, did not suffer any problems, except that during a certain part of it, the bars didn't go away for me to loot a room.

Also, the K-drives are pretty awesome. I was worried they weren't going to be that fun to use considering that we have Archwing to get around with, but you guys did a great job on differentiating the feel of movement to make the two unique experiences.

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