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I'm a terrible Tenno...


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...Because I just don't care about the people in Fortuna at all, not even enough to finish the quest.


Some of it has to do with the accent (it's driving me crazy, very annoying) but most of it has to do with just not having found anything remarkable or relatable about them. Honestly, I had way more concern/pity for the folks in The Glast Gambit & Cetus but in Fortuna, I just don't care.


I did the first leg of the quest with the cache pilfering, but got to Biz and just was all "Eh, you're on your own, bro, I'm going back to my Orbiter."


I really like Orb Vallis, but the Solaris/town itself I simply can't get into at all. Is it just me, or was the mark really missed down there? Anyone else generally apathetic toward the natives, or am I just a really huge Tenno jerk?

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