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Stunna fishing spear missing in The Business inventory


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Pretty much what the title says, I checked with other people and they see it buyable under the "Doer" rank but it's completely missing from The Business' inventory for me. I've tried restarting the game multiple times but it didn't help.

Edit: Not sure if this is intended or not, but it showed up for me after I bought the Shockprod spear.


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My version of The Business is missing ALL pheromone items, the Sawgaw, Horrasque and Stover Echo-Lures, and the Boot Trophy.  I don't see how buying anything will fix this poop show.

Update:  Apologies, this part of the poop show is working as designed.  Apparently these animals were released separately and aren't on the xbox yet.  Nothing on the wiki to indicate this for console users.

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