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Fetch is centered on the pet, not you, and as such is a) NOT just like Vacuum as promised, and b) useless.


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So I just had Fetch drop. I was one of the ones skeptical that it would be centered on us, not the pet. Well, despite many people rushing to claim you would never make such a silly mistake, as it turns out, those fears you just couldn't give people what they wanted were completely justified.

Fetch is centered on the pet. This means that it is totally unreliable for picking things up, as pets run everywhere randomly and often get outpaced by you when you are moving quickly. This means it is extremely likely that drops will be missed and teleported past as you are moving. The mod in this form is terrible and useless - just as we knew it would be if this was the case.

So here again, even after all this time, you just cannot let this go and give us actual Vacuum parity for pets, let alone genuine universal vacuum. Kubrows and Kavats are still second-class citizens - no sorry, third-class now that Moas exist.

The five-year struggle against your stubbornness continues.

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