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Archwing mission on foot


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I entered an archwing mobile defense mission alert, which connected to a squad. The game temporarily froze while loading, and the host disconnected. Host was redirected to me. When I spawned into the mission, I found myself without my archwing. I could use my primary and secondary warframe weapons, but not quick melee. I could not use my archwing launcher. My sentinel also spawned in. My party members had their archwings properly equipped, and appeared to be tiny: I thought they were Titanias experiencing the same glitch as me, but one of them was actually a very tiny Rhino.

I was nearly able to traverse the level, but could not ascend or descend without ramping off of a sloped ceiling or floor. I eventually became stuck above a doorframe and couldn't get to extraction. Apparently I was hilarious to watch, so that was nice.

I've backed up log files and they're available on request. Pictured below is me with my amprex, pink paintjob, and the offending archway I couldn't get past.yW1FkpM.jpg


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