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Something's fishy in the galaxy


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30 minutes ago, IcicleFerret said:

"Cetus" is a mythological sea monster and the root word for the order Cetacea, a.k.a. whales.

"Fortuna" is literally "for tuna," a large oceanic fish.

I wonder what sea creature the next open world city will be named after?

fortuna means fortune in portuguese. (i know they were not thinking about it, but i think it makes more sense based on the setting.)

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Fortuna is Latin, meaning "fortune", and still exists in Spanish, Portuguese & Italian today (I'm probably forgetting some others)

Unless of course, you really think the 800 year old O Fortuna poem written by goliard clergy that Carl Orff set to music was about tuna fish.

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1 hour ago, (PS4)robotwars7 said:

so basically Tremors? (I mean we had the Golden Maw, as well, so it wouldn't be the first time)


He said BIG WORM, not that tinny thing.

Dune worm

(Image from:

https://www.3dartistonline.com/news/2017/02/could-this-be-concept-art-for-the-new-dune-film/ )

THAT would be a challenge, and this one could eat aidolons for breakfast.

...starting to dream a bit... using k-drives in the deserts putting decois to attract worms... and... Well.. just a dream.


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