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A brief K-Drive review w/ a request


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I absolutely love the K-Drive so far! I still only have the basic board, but if it only gets better from here, I'm pumped!

I'm still getting a hang of the movement and everything but that's to be expected. I love how fluid everything feels and how it actually has some physics to it. I have played plenty of games with a complete lack of true physics when it comes to vehicles, but clearly Warframe is not one of them. 

My only request for this at the moment is that we can use Operators on the K-Drive. I got the smelter outfit because I fell in love with it immediately, but I can't K-Drive with my space kid, while the Ventkids (Space kids) can. I'm a little disappointed. Now, from a lore standpoint, I suppose this kinda makes sense. The Tenno are still children, but I do want to point out, the Ventkids are much smaller than the Tenno, so I don't see why we can't use the Tenno on K-Drives.

No real complaints, just a request.

Thanks DE! Loving the update so far!

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