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Titania's Razorflies should erupt from nearby enemies on Razorwing cast


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This is not just for aesthetic purposes. The Razorfly drones should inherit stats from the enemy they burst from, to grant the drones some kind of level scaling. Currently the drones tend to pop in high level missions, so allowing them to inherit a bit of survivability from enemies would greatly increase their effectiveness.

This stat inheritance mechanic, perhaps combined with a reduction in base drone stats, should reduce the difference between drone lifespan in low and high level missions.

This effect should also be range-limited. This range should be long enough that you're not hugging enemies, but short enough that there's some repositioning required. If there's less than 6 enemies nearby, the leftover drones could spawn without bonus stats.

Fun fact: If this change were implemented, then Spellbind would be the only Titania ability that doesn't benefit from all ability mods (Spellbind does not benefit from Ability Strength).

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