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Flashlight too bright in caves - White animal tracks on the snow? Why?


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So there is a problem with mining.

1. Small, blue circles are hard to see during daylight when snow reflects the light

2. Flashlight is too bright in the caves. Thanks to this mining in Caves is blind shot cuz you dont see anything

3. While mining I often dont get what am i supposed to do to gain 5 stars. On previous one it was easy - just draw well - now... i hit the thing in the same spot like 3 times and i got 3 diffrent ratings all the time... maybe make it more clear please? 😕


Animal tracking

1. On the devstream you were laughing that Tracks were orange while plant life was orange too... BUT MAKING IT WHITE? ON THE SNOW? IN THE DAY LIGHT? COVERED BY WHITE-ORANGE PLANTS?

Im sorry but come on XD. Orange tracks were bad but White tracks on the snow are better right? XD

2. Can music switch off sooner when using echo lure? Sometimes music just keep going and keep going and i cant hear anything

3. Can we remove stuff like "Bad capture" - "Bad Fish" etc? This is just,,, unsatysfing and demotivating xd

Im trying to have fun catching fish and after I manage to catch an animal or fish and it being followed up by "Bad Capture"... its sad and I feel like im competing or smth Xd

Just a little 😜


Thanks for Fortuna! Gonna keep providing feedback... as much as i can ^_^

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