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Volumetrics has an overall perf cost ~40% + Interpolation of distant AI animation is very noisy.


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1st video just shows taxing effect on the GPU + the the noisy 'distant' AI interpolation - i assume the simulation is run at half speed for this? (can this be pushed out a bit? I feel a handful of yards is too close and really noticeable)

2nd video has toggling settings on and off (kudos to the programmers for actually having this happen in-game without the need for a restart!). It looks like the upper end of my system is ~100fps. Volumetrics alone seems to bring it down to around half.

GPU: GTX 970 (Some overclock edition)
Driver: 388.31 

Plains for reference (run in the same state as first video):




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I think i have something of a repro.

I think the issue may be related to switching frame and/or appearance while in Fortuna (a shader issue made worse in Orb Valis?).


Issue still present after latest hotfix
Updated driver to: 416.81


I can run in and out of Fortuna in (say) a Valkyr and i get a more expected frame rate ~70+

Once i switch to a Banshee (as seen in the vid/screens) or Octavia my FPS will sit ~50, and only go downwards when things start happening.

I'll see if i can chuck up a video of my steps.

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