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My afternoon with Garuda


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These are my initial thoughts on Garuda having played and tested her all afternoon and evening.

1. Dread Mirror

  • The shield graphic feels too obtrusive, it throws off my targetting and clutters the screen. Is it possible to make the borders thinner or transparent?
  • -The projectile charge energy cost feels too expensive and would also feel better if it charged faster. It also has bad hit detection, it's gone straight through targets so often that I've been forced to launch it at the ground.
  • -There is an interaction issue with her 4 ability (Seeking Talons): Using Seeking Talons immediately after leaping and hitting an enemy with Dread Mirror doesn't consistently apply the "mark" to targets, forcing you to move back and then cast the 4 again. 
  • -I'd like the ability to launch the projectile by hitting 1 after gaining the shield instead of having to charge it every time. 

2. Blood Altar

  • -It really needs the ability to be canceled by hitting 2 a second time. Having to run up to an impaled target doesn't always feel practical. 

3. Bloodletting

  • -Drains a bit too much health but I still need to test it further.

4. Seeking Talons

  • -The energy cost is WAY too expensive. And the graphic for it, while useful, is very obtrusive. I would suggest making it look more transparent or giving it a new graphic. It's damage feels way too low, I understand it's likely meant to combo with her 1 but it needs to be good as a standalone ability too. 

Passive: I like her passive, it gives her a high-risk-high-reward playstyle but even with defensive mods like Adaptation she feels under-armored. It would be nice if her armor was increased so she didn't feel as fragile.

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