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Vent Kid Not Spawning in Orb Vallis + Race Points Appearing When Not Racing


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For reference, I am on PC.

The vent kid seems to only spawn when in public bounty missions. The marker appeared, but he didn't show up outside of the Fortuna entrance. I understand that there are other vent kid races scattered about the Orb Vallis map, but I was unable to check as I'm not sure of their locations.

I checked for the vent kid on solo bounty-less, friends only bounty-less, solo bounty, and friends only bounty and public bounty when entering through Fortuna. For entering from the orbiter, I only checked on public bounty-less, where he did not appear. I briefly spoke with my squad mates and they didn't seem to be experiencing the same issues as I am.

Screenshot for reference: I20PAUJ.jpg



In addition, although I'm not entiiiirely sure that they are that, but it seems like the bonus rep(?) things are appearing outside of races. I'm not entirely sure if that's what they are, but I remember briefly seeing them in the questline, and I'm not sure they're supposed to be there. Refer to screenshots.





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