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Returning player from Launch



Greetings Tenno Primes, My name is Skallagrimsson I am returning to warframe from the era of its begginings. If anyone has any links to sources that would help me sync with the current state of the game, such assistance would be much appreciated.  I request that if such a topic has been discussed elsewhere, that you would spare me thy criticisms and kindly direct me towards the enlightenment of which I seek. Your cooperation ismuch appreciated and may your drops be forever blessed and deserving of thy commitment and efforts.

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You can take a look here at my guide. I started to make some tutorial for the beginning part because there is one lacking in game



Next thing (if you are interested what you missed):

But since you were gone from the beginning you missed everything, so it isn't that useful


Last point:

On 2018-11-06 at 3:36 PM, GnarlsDarkley said:

1. Don't stress yourself (take your time exploring the game)

2. Complete all Junctions (which means you get to know the Story and unlock new stuff)

3. Try every weapon and only keep those you really like 

4. Learn the Modding System. This one may seem boring but it's mandatory to progress through the game

5. Don't waste your Platinum. Buy Slots for weapons and frames as soon as you need more (you can't have enough. 37 different frames, 300+ weapons)

6. If you hit a wall, ask for help or watch guides. Many people are willing to help (you can always ask me in private)

7. Don't try to get all at once. Pick a goal and work for it, then pick the next one. But be reasonable and leave Cetus/Orb Vallis aside for now. This is considered "endgame" most of the time (you can ofc take a look and try it but don't force yourself to like or complete everything)

E.g Cetus/Plains. You can get Gara and do the Ghouls Bounties. This way you get a rough opinion on Fishing/Mining and the feel but don't reach into higher content which will definitly stress you with its difficulty


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