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Anyone seen this yet?


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So I was just roaming around the Orb Vallus, taking in the sights as most of us have so far with the new release.
Was setting off from an outpost after looking around in the southeast for a bit when i happened upon something rather peculiar. Mind that is most things so far (track the poop to get the floof and so on) but this made me rather curious.
so for reference i was out here:
just boarding around over mountains and such. But noticed this sticking out of the water: 
and since the water isnt electrified to death here... figured i would take a better look:

Now, this thing was just bobbing up and down doing its thing, you can land on it and everything of that sort, but one of the most.. peculiar things was the sheer fact that it kept growling much like the eidolons do.
What do you all think of this? who else has found this already?

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Yeah, it's one of the 3 (as far as i know) Spiderlons. There's another one that's blue near Nef's statue in the upper left most corner of the map which is aggressive and the orange one we saw in the first mission is at near one of the bases closer to Fortuna but is in a resting/passive state.

My guess is that in the second wave of Fortuna we will get a way to fight these things and my guess is that Black one only comes out if a certain condition is met (maybe through a fishing spear at it or something else).

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hmm maybe, it doesn't look like much aside from an orb as it is, and as is ive thrown fishing spears, mining lasers, weapons, even riding my k-drive on it, if something 'would' trigger it, nothing does as of yet at least (much like the one that just hangs out on the nearby base and just makes it noises).

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