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Twitch Drop campaign needs an alternative for already-optained frames


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Hi all,

I've been excited to support my favorite streamer and get some rewards for Fortuna since the announcement. I wasn't too happy with Nidus and Khora because I already farmed them but I had hoped there was something else for me... but nope. I understand a Rifle Riven Mod is an option but it seems to have a low drop chance and without Nidus or Khora, there is quite honestly nothing else of interest to me, as someone that has farmed them both.


So my suggestion is simple: If the item being given away is locked from players because they have it, can we have an alternate? Even orbiter decorations or operator stuff would be nice to at least have rather than 7,500 credit caches and 1-use fireworks.

On topic : Hours of sadness... 


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