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Abandonment Issues


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Dear Space Mum 

You hurt my feelings ya know, you ran off with ya boyfriend and you dumped me at a Slave camp, do you know what that does to a child ? Oh and before i forget, Nef Anyo is causing some probs over here, you didnt have a fling or nothing with him did ya?. Gotta ask in case i have to start mailing his parts to some friends, you know how it is. 




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vor 18 Minuten schrieb FATEdPondera:

PLEASE tell me that Space Mom didn't shack up with Nef Anyo. I mean.... have some standards, Lotus. The dude is like 900 lbs, has a glowing electric beard and the personality of a sriracha enema. 

If he asked her for the time she'd probably say: I have a boyfriend.

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