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"Lift Disabled" after completion of Vox Solaris Quest


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Went out into Orb Vallis for the first time, found the three cashes, downed then protected the spy drone, completed the quest, returned to the gates of Fortuna, "Lift Disabled". I wandered around, killed some mobs, indulged in the scenery, collected loot, returned, yet the lift is still disabled. 40 minutes in I had to return to my orbiter, lose quest progress, the loot, and an hour from my resource booster. 

I don't know if I just misunderstood the directions or if this is a bug. Considering in the "players helping players" section there was a similiar issue posted a few hours ago without any solution that worked for me I decided to come here. 



After a second try the quest progressed without a problem.

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did you guys cheat, because on that 2nd Vox Solaris mission (the hacking one) I kind of cheated by hiding from the enemies until the hack was complete. the people told me to go back to Fortuna and BAM. "lift disabled".

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