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in my case I am more concerned about the fact that I spent 2 hours pummeling minerals in fortune and when I returned to my ship I did not have enough even to complete a piece, I think I still feel a bit lost with the new materials or the cost is A Little bit weird.

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4 hours ago, Lluminate said:


I know that thematically, Kuva fits with Garuda's theme very well. But considering how early you can obtain her and her parts, I find this requirement to be very odd. This is a frame you can get and fully farm out the blueprints for on Venus, but you need to wait until after the War Within until you can actually build her because of this requirement.

Not only that, I fear this will lead new players to spoilers when they assume they just haven't come across this resource yet and Google where to find Kuva. I would propose changing this resource to something more early-game friendly to reflect her placement on the planet Venus.

I would rather they removed her from the venus reward cycle and the vox quest completely, she is an advanced frame new players should not be able to access her this early. 

With that being said, new players won't be able to access her anyway, considering the rank requirement to level the Solaris rep and blueprints needed to craft some of the resources I expect them to not be new players by the time they get the resources to build her. 

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