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Dread mirror charge is weak.


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Im not sure but is this ability supposed to be this weak?

Done same base testing in the simularcum against lv140 enemies.

First i amassed atleast 80K charge for the mirror to have a decent startup, the enemies were corrupted bombards and heavy gunners.

After this i gone up and summoned them again with paused AI this time.

I stepped on the energy pad and charged up the ball to over 1 million points what is i believe impossible to reach without cheating like this.

I barely dealt total 10% damage to these guys and for this i had to charge for 10 seconds in a way what would be considered cheating/abusal of game mechanics if i could pull it somewhere ingame.


Is this skill really supposed to be this weak?

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1 minute ago, Autongnosis said:

I think it gets some insane multiplying with Garuda's 4th skill mark but i have yet to sit down and test her properly (cause genius me hopped with her unranked in a T5 bounty, boi was i wrong in assuming they are about the level of PoE T5 bounties 😧

Gonna test that later too.

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