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Ivara cloak quiver on 'Defend The Drone' does not work (not sure if intended?) and prowl looting not working on 'Rabbleback Hyena' (and maybe other things)


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I play with Ivara on solo mode a lot, so these are some of the things I experienced as of right now while playing Fortuna bounties.


1. Ivara's quiver, cloak arrow does not work on the drone that is used in the 'Defend the Drone' bounty type of mission. I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but that would really, really suck if it is intended. The reason is because quiver is pretty much a utility based ability and its entire purpose is utility aid to help Ivara players with objectives since Ivara isn't obviously a nuke frame. The cloak arrow works on the drones in the plains of eidolons bounties, I was hoping it would be the same situation here. we use cloak arrow all the time to defend drones, coildrives, sortie defense targets/rescue targets. May we please have the same be applied on this drone?

Image for reference:



2.  Ivara's prowl looting ability is not working on the Rabbleback Hyena. Picture below. I don't think this is intended, this hyena really seems like just a regular hyena model and not actually a boss. I don't think this is a situation like for example, the silver grove specters (I still don't understand why Ivara's prowl does not work on silver grove specters, but Nekros and and Hydroid's pilferoid augment work? Why is Ivara's prowl singled out against silver grove specters? But that's not the point of this topic, sorry derailing). I don't think this is intended, surely this is bug. Surely Ivara's prowl should be able to work on Rabbleback Hyena? It would make farming nicer if Ivara could do it. I'm pretty sure I can prowl the hyenas that spawn during the razorback mini-event? (I'll admit, I'm not quite sure and I might be wrong. Don't have a razorback armada event to test).




3. I don't have a picture of and I don't know the name of the enemy. The new corpus spider bot (the orange medium sized one that comes down if you raise alert levels), that spider bot seems to be able to see Ivara while she's in prowl mode and continues to attack her while she's still in prowl mode. Turning off and turning back on prowl mode does not seem to affect the spider bot's awareness level, it will still continue to attack Ivara even while she's invisible/prowl with its spider-gun. I get the feeling this bug affects other stealth frames (but I didn't test, sorry, it's late for me). This definitely feels like a bug with the spiderbots and them being able to see through invisibility. Will try to confirm later if other stealth frames have this issue too with this spider.





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forgot to add some other comparisons.
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6 hours ago, EliteStrike1 said:

To add to this.


Limbo's banish also doesn't work on those drones.

Nyx's mind control doesn't work on those Rabbleback hyenas either.  Though chaos still affects them.


Thank you for the heads up about this with Limbo and Nyx. I wanted to test Limbo with this last night (but was way late for me and I couldn't get the bounty type to spawn). Hope this is a bug and DE will add to their hotfixes later. This Rabbleback hyena seems to be really buggy if Nyx's mind control doesn't seem to work either, hoping the same will be fixed later. Cheers for the heads-up.

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Gara's Splinter Storm is also unable to affect the drone.

I wonder if it's intentional to keep it from being "too easy"... While all of the nuke frames are still able to just annihilate every single enemy with the press of a button, thus widening the gap between utility frames and braindead ones.

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