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MOA unable to use mods.


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I bought the MOA that was the special of the day, and figured I'd give a shot.  Tried to put mods on it, and could only put a very small mix of companion/robotic mods on it (A grand total of ten mods).  Of note missing were the shield and health increase mods.  This led to the MOA dying constantly due to the very low base health and shield, even at lvl 30.  I tried restarting as well as switching companions back and forth and nothing worked.





I'm unsure if this is a bug, or the MOA has it's own mods that we don't know about.  But I wanted to post this anyway since I saw the Helminth and other pets were missing some mods as well.

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I recently found that the "Link" mods (Health/Armor/Shield) are the mods that are used for the MOA.  It seems a bit odd still that you wouldn't use the other mods as well, but I suppose this is what we use?  Could still use some mod variety for the MOAs tho.

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