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Collect credits mission issue

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I will keep it brief, but a lot of the time the mission were you need to collect credits doesn't work at all and when the countdown is done it stays on. 

Have to go out of the Vallis a lot because of this, super annoying, hope it can be fixed soon. 

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6 minutes ago, Horaciozhao said:

can confirm it, and I think it is caused by switching into archwing and K-drive during the bounty, and the number of credit you collect will just freeze if you do that, and never goes up no matter how many credits you collect

We tried a bit and tought it was for a host migration/similar issue. In two missions only the host could collect credits...

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I can confirm this too.. The objective markers don't even work for one thing and our credits counter just got stuck and wouldn't go anywhere... it stayed at the same amount of credits the whole time so we ended up just quitting the mission.

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