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Game Crashing.


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After the new Fortuna update i am unable to play the game.

The launcher works to the point when you press "Play" button,after that the game just minimizes and when i try to click back in it just closes the game completely.

I have even restarted Steam and my PC but i am still unable to play it.

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i'm on desktop.

the last patch didn't fix the crash..

i tried turning off the 64 bit mode off too but still no good results..

i even refreshed my whole computer of cooling paraphernalia but to no avail.

but its fine, i can still wait.. 

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I can't believe none of the devs replied to this and similar topics about it..

I have deleted my Steam and Warframe folder the next day,the whole hard disc to be exact,because i had some new updates and features to preform.I Installed everything back again and it seems to work now.

I would not recommend this,but i think this got it fixed for me.

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