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Fishing - General feedback


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Have been fishing for a while and seen some of the problems:

- Fish react too fast before fishing spear even hits. This make players to aim a lot of in front of Fish

- They are harder to see in coolant, more than fish on cetus in water

- Fishing spear has so little range! Fishing spear really could use more range! >_<


For now this is everything I have noticed.

Will update this one If I find anything else

Gonna keep givin you feedback to help ^_^



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I lost all my fish (97 to be exact) due to a temporary wifi disconnection upon returning to Fortuna. Even after the wifi was reconnected the fish wasn't refunded to me though the last mission results still show all the fish I caught.

This isn't the first time it happened to me and it's REALLY irritating because it takes about 20 to 25 minutes for every 100 fish. 😡

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drones of Valis move differently compared to PoE fish, once you get used to their movement and find the good fishing spots you get more successful hits, Cetus dye is usable but can be misleading and my personal advice is never fish nor mine nor do conservation in a squad always go solo

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