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Hidden Things in Fortuna?

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  • Been to most caves in the game. So far nothing.
  • There is some activatable machinery in a few of the caves and the Corpus interior. They don't really do anything besides a short animation.
  • Dormant giant spiders on various location in the map to be engaged with on a future update.
  • Orokin ruins with suspiciously vacant surroundings, as if they're there for future updates too.

So far I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of any real secrets, but I reckon it's because Fortuna hasn't been fully released yet.

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I mean, it's been out for less than a day. If there are any out there, they are presumably hidden and there's a lot of ground to cover to find them if they exist.

Give it a little longer before casting judgement. Although I will say, I thought Nef's statue's head hole was a dead ringer for a hiding spot, but there was nothing there when I checked it.

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On 2018-11-09 at 4:24 AM, SilverRook said:


Considering that word of secrets tend to get out and wide spread it is fairly easy to conclude that there are no real secrets currently. It has been about 2 days and there are several million players. If there was a hidden vendor in a cave or something like that it would have been found.

Bugs like a repeatable infinite K Drive airborne glitch that you can get out of at will on the other hand might pop up. And shortly after spread followed by getting hotfixed because that would allow players to max daily k drive standing without doing anything.

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8 minutes ago, ScrumpShake said:

I actually, found some things called "little duck". These small triangles are scattered all over the place and the only thing you can do is scan them like fish in plains. They look like steel meridian signs that you collect during their missions.


They were added in the Profit Taker update! I'm looking forward to hunting them down.

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The thousand year fish equivalents have been added in this update. They look like debt bonds and are spread across the whole map. As far as I know not all of them have been found so far. They seem to be divided into groups of 5, each telling a story about one of the important solaris npc's. 

This thread has all of the locations I know of so far: 


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