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K-Drive Feedback and Suggestions


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K-Drive is great, good job! Buuut...

1a) Could use some more potent speed mods to at least be compareable to best Archwing

1b) As an alternative to 1): "Riding a K-drive is risky buisness. Reward is the speed and risk is a possibility of a crash. Boosting has much higher maximum speed, and becomes a toggle, but you can control is speedt by letting the boost button go before it reaches maximum, keeping the achieved speed and having an option to boost down/stop (using aim/grind button) or boost further by holding the boost button again"

2) Please, please, please let us do the Mirror's Edge thing and plot our own races!

3) Also, please allow us to ride K-Drive as an operator!

4) 3000 score limit is a bummer. No matter how many sick tricks you nail after that, it just doesen't count.

5) Please allow us to build our own K-Drive courses in the dojo! Preferably in any room too :3.

6) Not enough color on the Valis, and the kids seem to be keen on graffiti, as seen in their hideout, so maybe consider adding some graf-tag missions from the kids to paint some Nef mockery onto the corpus bases!

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