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Operators Revamp RE


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My problems with the returned operator changes:

- The female body lost its femininity: Rugged wide shoulders, muscular back, flat hips/legs. Can't tell difference with male counterpart. So the problem starts with the base (re)design already!
- Some of us bought certain parts of operator outfits because we liked the way they looked, this revamp completely changes what we liked about something and made it the exact opposite!
- The previous design of many outfits, to put it frankly, had a higher quality design than the updated versions.

I understand you tried to give the players more customization options but this isn't the way to do it, how to do it and please everyone is easy:

- Keep the old body shapes of male/female unless you come with an actual upgraded design
- You want to give us more liberty to customize operator parts, sure, but do it for the entire body not just torso & legs, the simple version: Add boots option of choice.
- While doing the above, DO NOT change anything about older outfits

Heck if this isn't possible add your "advanced" customization version to the market as a functioning orbiter decoration/closet (ludoplex style)

The revamp isn't an upgrade, it's a clear downgrade on 90% of the changes.


Just look at this before/after:




Not a troll post!

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